How to Encourage Peace at the Workplace

The workplace can be a time of stress for people. They might have outbursts that could have otherwise been avoided. The following list will teach you how to encourage peace at the workplace:


  1. Don’t Trigger People


Yes, we all know that Jan is obese and cannot control herself around food. So do you have to look at her weird when she eats lunch? It may be fun for you to analyze the contents of her bag, but she surely does not appreciate it. She is actually very sensitive about her weight and she doesn’t need your judgment. So, please, when you are at work, do not look for co-workers’ weak areas. They are apparent often, but you will make enemies by diligently pointing them out. You certainly will not encourage a restful environment.


  1. Have Some Compassion


It can be difficult to see mistakes. But if you are the type of person that pounces, you will not stick around long. For example, a manager that sends out an e-mail telling her staff that they cannot make mistakes is unrealistic. Every person makes mistakes. And chances are, a director who sees this kind of behavior from a manager will not appreciate the delusion. The same goes for a co-worker. If the person makes a mistake, then it is best to gently correct them. Then try to implement policies so that it does not happen again. You can be a change maker every day by making the system better and not worse. Pointing fingers is for kindergarten, not an adult place of work.


  1. Be Your Own Kind of Zen


When you are in the garden of life, you can be bombarded by all kinds of pressures. If you are constantly hopped up on caffeine, then try not to in the heat of the moment let your nerves get the best of you. You can take some breaths before you tackle something difficult. And don’t let the pressure get to you. You have conquered much worse on the road to getting to this place. So don’t do self-sabotage by freaking out over everything.


Try to have a calm demeanor when you approach people, and this will help to sooth them as well. There is a trend where people whisper to calm others. People actually watch videos online about this because it is de-stressing. And while you don’t need to whisper to others, lowering your tone can de-escalate a situation. It can also be a non-confrontational way to talk.


  1. Do Kind Gestures


Kind gestures are appreciated in the workplace. You might not please everyone, but it is still nice to try to make the world a better place. If you give someone an ear or just a cookie, it can pick them up. Even a tiny gift can be nice if you are being friendly. Just make sure that it doesn’t come across as a bribe, which is always inappropriate. Make sure that your kind words and acts are not soured even if they are ill received. The effects will be noted a lot of time afterward. Bring food, bake¬†homemade biscuits without shortening and share it around.¬†